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Choose the Pushback Rack that best suits your needs

Pushback Rack is a rack concept that combines high-density storage with rapid access by a traditional forklift. This racking system is very suitable and ideal for businesses that need to store a relatively small number of items and the same Stock Keeping Units variant on a single pallet.

With a pushback rack for sale, pallets can be stacked in racks 2 to 6 pallets deep. Pallets are placed on a flat surface with a 4° inclination and are equipped with wheel/roller conveyors that use gravity to ensure that front/face pallets are always full.  Push back rack system keeps pallets secure and compact. With racks, usually up to 5 pallets in height. Forklift/reach trucks are excluded from the racking system for safety and relatively quick access to the product.

Push Back Rack the storage era

Push back racking is LIFO's solution for storing cargo using carrier rail guides. When one package is placed in storage, another box is pushed back into the storage area. When one load was removed, the next load was moved to another location where the bag was removed. This means that each row has many shares in the optimal position for elimination. The squeeze method may not be suitable for warehouses that require FIFO.

Pushback racks from DISTRIBUTION X are easy to understand from their name. When a pallet/load is placed on the shelf, it pushes back the pallet/load already placed on the rack. A rail-guided carrier is used. The mechanism of pushback racking is that by placing a pallet in the front position of the frame, the already placed pallet is moved further back. When you remove a pallet from the rack, the second pallet automatically moves to the front position.

Double Deep Racking System

The double Deep Racking System is an improvement of the Selective Pallet Racking System; Double Deep Racking System can stack 2-4 pallets horizontally. A Double Deep Rack system requires a forklift with an expandable dual pantograph range to perform deep pallet picking on this system. Double Deep Racking increases storage density/pallet density by reducing the number of aisles/corridors/corridors between racks for higher rack density.

Features of Double Deep Racking

  • Storage density / increased density compared to selective pallet racking systems.
  • 50% less access to pallets than selective pallet racking.
  • Always in stock on the shelf, up to 90% in stock
  • Suitable for use where each Stock Keeping Unit on each pallet is different.
  • Suitable for storing products with a large capacity but a small number of Stock Keeping Units

The Double Deep Pallet Racking system is ideal for businesses with a small number of Stock Keeping Units but many items with only one Stock Keeping Unit on a single pallet. The double Deep Pallet Rack System is an expanded version of the Single Deep Pallet Rack. This permits for better warehouse storage capacity and fewer aisle necessities.

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